In November 2016, “Getliņi EKO” started offering a new service – sales of crushed construction debris to legal and private persons. “Getliņi EKO” obtains these construction debris chips by crushing debris transported to the landfill, which are sorted from merchant waste. 
Construction debris chips are suitable for various construction works, for example, preparation of road base, construction of temporary roads, construction of pedestrian sidewalks with low daily load, and elsewhere. The price of chips at the landfill is 4.68 EUR/tonne, incl. VAT 21%. The buyers who purchase more than 50 tonnes at once are offered the price – 4.21 EUR/tonne, incl. VAT 21%.    
“This service is the result of opening our own merchant waste sorting line at the end of 2015, so now we can efficiently sort, crush and recycle also construction debris found in this waste. The installed sorting line is adapted to the waste that is collected from merchants and differs from the waste collected from households. This waste contains more wood, leafs, branches, PVC, metal, glass, construction debris and soil waste. We sort these fractions, thereby reducing the amount of waste disposed at the landfill,” indicates Imants Stirāns, the Chairman of the Board of “Getliņi EKO”. 
Construction debris chips can be purchased on the territory of the landfill, Kaudzīšu Street 57, Stopiņi region, on each working day from 9.30 to 16.30 o’clock.

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