SIA Getliņi EKO has been named the national winner for 2017–2018 at the European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition. Chosen from among more than 110,000 companies at the end of last year, Getliņi EKO was included in the Ones to Watch list with 2898 of the most promising and distinguished European businesses. They were evaluated by an independent panel of judges consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, politicians, academicians and auditors from different European countries. These companies then went on to compete for the status of the national winner in one of the 12 competition categories. Getliņi EKO was named the winner in The Business of the Year with Turnover of € 0–25M category. 

The European Business Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious business competitions in Europe, which is now in its 11th year. It aims to unify, strengthen and promote the European business community. Getliņi EKO was included in the list because, according to the evaluation criteria, it demonstrated excellent growth, innovation, success and ethicality.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, says: “This is an amazing achievement for Getliņi EKO, which shows that the company is a leader in its field. Being the national winner of the year means clearly demonstrating our core business values – success, ethical operation and innovation – in order to become one of the best companies in Europe.”

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of Getliņi EKO, and I can safely say that every single day has been dedicated to persistent work, the generation of ideas, and contemplation on how to develop new, innovative and maybe even unthinkable areas of activity; which directions of development to invest in; how to ensure the quality of our core activity and incorporate the latest industry technologies; how to build loyal, satisfied and inventive staff; how to meet the goals set by our stockholders; and how to be the leader of environmental protection. Thus, this award and recognition on a global scale, which is based on independent evaluation, is like a well-timed pat on the back and proof that we are doing something right and moving in the right direction,” says Imants Stirāns, Board Chairman of Getliņi EKO.

The European Business Awards will be awarded in the following categories:


  1. The RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
  2. The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year
  3. The Award for Innovation 
  4. The Award for International Expansion
  5. The Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award
  6. The New Business of the Year Award 
  7. The Workplace and People Development Award
  8. The Customer and Market Engagement Award
  9. The Digital Technology Award
  10.     10.The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of € 0–25M
  11.     11.The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of € 26–150M
  12.     12.The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of € 150M or Higher


The national winners for Latvia in various categories are: SIA Getliņi EKO as the Business of the Year with Turnover of € 0–25M; Design Studio H2E as the Business of the Year Award for Innovations; A/S Cēsu alus as the Business of the Year in Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness; construction material manufacturer Primekss as the Business of the Year in Innovation, SIA Staļi as the Business of the Year in Customer and Market Engagement; Skonto Prefab construction company as the Business of the Year with Turnover of € 26–150M; and IT company X Infotech as the Business of the Year in International Expansion. 

The European Business Awards Summit and Gala will take place in Warsaw, Poland, on 22 and 23 May 2018, where all competition winners will be awarded and the recipients of the main European award will be announced. 


About Getliņi EKO

SIA Getliņi EKO is a company engaged in managing Getliņi, the biggest landfill in the Baltics, located in Riga District, Stopiņi Municipality, and implementing the biggest environmental protection project in the Baltic states. The investments in waste management and electricity generation at the Getliņi landfill over the years have shown their efficiency, financial return and positive impact on environmental protection. The greenhouses for the cultivation of tomatoes are a unique example in Latvia of introducing ecologically compatible directions of activity. The heat produced by the power unit is used for heating the Getliņi EKO greenhouses, thus providing an ideal environment for agricultural manufacturing during the cold months of the year. Building greenhouses in the territory of landfills, where the production of electricity results in heat, is a rare yet tried and tested environmentally friendly practice in other landfills of Europe. It is implemented in countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden. With 110 employees working in Getliņi, the company’s turnover in 2016 reached € 14.2M. At the end of 2017, SIA Getliņi EKO celebrated its 20th anniversary. 

About The European Business Awards: 

European Business Awards aims to strengthen and promote the success of the European business community. It is achieved by highlighting the success stories of companies and individuals and showing due recognition to the best examples. This year, European Business Awards will be awarded for the 11th time. Last year, it comprised 33,000 companies from 34   

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LinkedIn: The European Business Awards’ page



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