Getliņi EKO, manager of Getliņi, the biggest municipal waste polygon in the Baltics, opened the 3rd greenhouse in the territory of the polygon today. This greenhouse is made as a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. LED lighting is used in it and the greenhouse is the first such greenhouse in the world, where a full-led lighting is used for growing cucumbers.

“This is a technologically complicated project, as I can tell you for sure that there is no such greenhouse anywhere in the world. Tomato growers have had many experiments with led lights and technologies, but we are the first ones in the cucumber field. Such project can be implemented only when there is help from a motivated team, financial support, the idea is accepted by shareholders and branch professionals are involved in its implementation,” says Imants Stirāns, Chairman of the Getliņi EKO Board. 

Andris Ameriks, representative of Riga City Council, the shareholder of SIA Getliņi EKO, states: “These greenhouses are a great evidence that, by believing in an idea and plan, we can gather the most modern technologies, knowledge, science and research of the branch in a single company and create a great environment and popular products.” 

3.85 million euros were invested in making the greenhouse. The construction works were performed by a construction company Arčers and lighting technologies were provided by the PHILIPS Horticulture company. The project was implemented within the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), Rural development programme 2014-2020 measure “Investments in material assets”, sub-measure “Aid for investments in rural households”.

“Many of you may think - what does it take to build a small greenhouse, in comparison to big living houses, stadiums and concert halls. But I would like to say that implementation of such projects is sometimes a more technically and technologically complicated process than other construction projects, especially if it must be finished within six months. Our builders did not fool around in the object, but did a qualitative job, so that others could have some great cucumber yields in the future, says Jānis Markulis, Board Chairman of SIA Arčers - the constructor of the greenhouse.

Growing cucumbers is the most recent plan of Getliņi for agriculture development, which supplements the successful growth of tomatoes. The new yield of cucumbers will be harvested in this November already, but already in June there will be the first experimental part of the yield. The greenhouse is 0.3 hectares wide, it is suitable for intensive growth of cucumbers in winter, by using lighting and recuperation devices. In choosing and growing the cucumber seeds, Getliņi EKO collaborates closely with experimental greenhouses, which are developed by the PHILIPS company in order to select the cucumber sorts which are suitable for growing in winter. 


About Getliņi EKO

SIA Getliņi EKO is a company engaged in managing the Baltics biggest waste polygon Getliņi in Riga district, Stopiņi municipality and implements the biggest environment protection project in the Baltic states. The investments that have been made in waste management and electricity generation at the Getliņi landfill over several years have shown their effectiveness, financial returns and positive impact on the environment protection. Construction of greenhouses and growth of tomatoes is a unique example in Latvia for introducing ecologically compatible operation directions. The warmth produced by the energy block is used for heating the Getliņi EKO greenhouses, by providing an ideal environment for agricultural manufacturing during the cold months of the year. Development of greenhouses in the territory of the polygon, where warmth is made during production of electricity is rarely used, but approved and environmentally friendly experience in other polygons of Europe. It is implemented by such countries as Holland and Sweden.

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