“Getliņi EKO” has opened the new autumn 2016 tomato season. The first tomatoes arrived at “Getliņi” shop already 2 weeks ago, and the new harvest now is already available both in the firm’s shop and in the leading grocery stores in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia. 

24,500 tomato seedlings were planted in the greenhouses this year. In this year, the agronomist of “Getliņi” selected and continues to grow five varieties of tomatoes, tested in the previous year: orange tomatoes BEORANGE, cocktail tomatoes AMOROZO, red large tomatoes MANAGUA and raspberry-coloured bunch tomatoes HAIKU. The harvest will be equivalent to that in the last season, i.e., 16-18 tonnes a week.

The price of tomatoes at “Getliņi” shop is 4.20 EUR/kg. The specialized shop is located on the territory of “Getliņi” landfill, Kaudzīšu Street 57, Stopiņi region. The opening hours of the shop are on working days from 11.00-19.00 o’clock.


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