Due to amendments to the law of VAT in Latvia, the VAT for locally specific fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes will be reduced to 5% rate from 1 January 2018. This will affect the price of tomatoes and cucumbers grown in "Getliņi" greenhouses. 

The price in "Getliņi" store is as follows:

  1. Tomatoes (standard, all sorts) - 3,64 EUR/kg
  2. Tomatoes (non-standard, all sorts) - 2,52 EUR/kg
  3. Short cucumbers, standard - 3,03 EUR/kg
  4. Long cucumbers, standard - 2,73 EUR/kg
  5. Cucumbers (non-standard, all sorts) - 1,69 EUR/kg

Prices indicated in web page www.getlini.lv are informative, they may differ from the in-store price.


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