The last week of July 2017 is the final week of our tomato and cucumber growing and marketing season.  Tomatoes will be available for purchase in "Geltiņi" store until 28 July. 


After our store and greenhouses will be closed for customers, our agronomist and his team will clean the greenhouses and make them ready for the new season. 


We expect the new season's tomatoes and cucumbers  in the second half of October 2017.


Construction of greenhouses and growth of tomatoes is a unique example in Latvia for introducing ecologically compatible operation directions. The warmth produced by the energy block is used for heating the Getliņi EKO greenhouses, by providing an ideal environment for agricultural manufacturing during the cold months of the year. Development of greenhouses in the territory of the polygon, where warmth is made during production of electricity is rarely used, but approved and environmentally friendly experience in other polygons of Europe.


2017 is an important year in the development of greenhouses in Getlini. The first greenhouse for cucumbers was introduced. Growing cucumbers is the most recent plan of Getliņi for agriculture development, which supplements the successful growth of tomatoes. The greenhouse is 0.3 hectares wide, it is suitable for intensive growth of cucumbers in winter, by using lighting and recuperation devices. This greenhouse is made as a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. LED lighting is used in it and the greenhouse is the first such greenhouse in the world, where a full-led lighting is used for growing cucumbers.

In choosing and growing the cucumber seeds, Getliņi EKO collaborates closely with experimental greenhouses, which are developed by the PHILIPS company in order to select the cucumber sorts which are suitable for growing in winter. 



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