The 3rd round of construction of “Getliņi EKO” greenhouses is started on the territory of Getliņi landfill. Within the framework of these construction works a greenhouse will be created, intended for highly technological growing of cucumbers. Approximately 3.85 million euros will be invested for implementation of the project, and the construction works will be performed by LLC “Arčers”.
The future greenhouse is planned as a site for growing of cucumbers. Growing of cucumbers is exactly the new agricultural development direction of Getliņi, which will supplement the successful growing of tomatoes. It is planned to start works at the new greenhouse in the next year and offer cucumbers on the market already in the next season of Getliņi, which lasts traditionally from November until August.
“There is not yet a greenhouse of this type in Latvia and they are not yet widespread also in Europe. Therefore, their prime cost is higher than usual, but it also allows us to adapt the cucumber season in Latvia to winter requirements. The greenhouse is planned to have an area of 0.3 hectares, suitable for intensive growing of cucumbers in winter by using LED lighting and recuperation equipment. In selection and growing of seedlings we will closely cooperate with experimental greenhouses, developed by “Philips” company, in order to determine the cucumber varieties that are suitable for growing in winter,” tells Guntars Strauts, the agronomist of LLC “Getliņi EKO”. 
The Dutch company “Hortilife BV”, which is a cooperation partner of the construction company “Arčers”, will industrially manufacture and deliver the greenhouse. To ensure the climate necessary for comfort of cucumbers, a number of devices for automated control of the building will be installed in the greenhouse, including a fertilizer mixing system and control of climate zones, which ensures special control of temperature, ventilation, air circulation and humidification, carbon dioxide, lighting, heating, watering and other systems. The total area of premises of the new extension for the greenhouse and technical area – 2,973 m2, and the building height – 6.74 m.
The project will be implemented within the framework of sub-activity “Support for investments in agricultural holdings” of the activity “Investments in material assets” of the Agricultural Development Programme 2014-2020 of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).


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