Getliņi landfill is responsible for acceptance and environmentally safe management of waste within the Riga waste management area.

IMPORTANT! The solid municipal waste landfill Getliņi does not accept following waste: accumulators, batteries, lighting devices, luminescence light bulbs, electric and electronic devices, medicines and medical waste, household chemicals, asbestos containing construction waste, mercury containing waste, for example, thermometers, oils and filters, car tyres and other hazardous and liquid waste.


Waste management

Getliņi landfill accepts solid municipal waste from the corporate clients every day of the week from 07:00 to 22:00. To become our client, a contract must be concluded. Please, request a contract by sending your company details to ligumi@getlini.lv

Getliņi landfill accepts solid municipal waste from private persons without agreement every day from 07:00 to 17:00.

More information is available by calling + 371 67 317 800.

Corporate clients must observe the general regulations and procedures for use of the landfill. Corporate clients pay for waste transfer through pre-payment by bank transfer. 
Private clients must observe the general regulations and procedures for use of the landfill. Private customers can pay in cash or with a bank card after the waste transfer.



  1. Please note that all clients must observe the safety regulations in the territory of the landfill, as well as vehicle speed limits. Clients must observe the instructions of the landfill personnel at the load control point and unloading sites.
  2. Vehicles with uncovered loads that pose a threat of littering to the surrounding environment and loads whose mass exceeds the limits stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer are not accepted at the control point.
  3. It is prohibited to bring and accept hazardous waste for disposal. The lists of waste allowed or prohibited to be accepted at the landfill are laid down in the polluting activity A category permit issued by the State Environmental Service of Greater Riga Regional Environment Authority. Our employees carry out control of loads when they enter the landfill territory and are unloaded. If it is found that the load that has been unloaded contains hazardous/prohibited waste, the client must remove it at his own expense. If the client repeatedly attempts to smuggle hazardous waste, we reserve the right to terminate contractual relations.


Waste sorting

The municipal waste sorting plant located in the territory of the landfill was designed by Vides pakalpojumu grupa by the order of SIA Getliņi EKO. Due to the reorganisation and merger of the company, the municipal waste sorting plant will be served by SIA Vides resursu centrs during the next ten years.
The sorting plant has been operating since 26 October 2015.
The waste sorting plant ensures that the Getliņi landfill stores only municipal waste that is not valid for further recycling.
The sorting plant’s purpose is oriented to maximisation of waste reuse and the efficient use of natural resources.



With the opening of the sorting plant, waste has become a resource –biodegradable waste has been used for production of biogas, while materials and metal products useful for processing have been delivered to companies engaged in the recovery and recycling of these materials.
Unrecyclable waste is stored in secure, environmentally sealed biodegradation cells protected from exposure to air or rainwater. The landfill gas produced in the cells is transferred to the Getliņi power unit, then burned and converted into energy, while all waste water is collected and purified. Thus, the environmental impact of the waste is reduced to a minimum.